Marketing emails.
No marketing emails.
Only some marketing.
No receipts.
Yes receipts.
It's that simple.
no marketing except

Inbox control.

Take control of your inbox.

Apply filters to incoming marketing emails so you only get the ones you really want in your inbox.

Brands love to email you. With Margin, apply filters to those incoming emails so you only get the ones you really want in your inbox.


We'll give you an email alias. You'll like sharing this email when brands ask for one.

Happy Inbox

.com or In-Store

Use your email alias whenever checking out online or in person.


100% Visibility

Manually see and forward any filitered emails within the last 3 days.


No More Junk

Fewer emails means less time working towards inbox zero.


Anonymous Again

Your personal email now becomes hidden to marketers.

Only the emails you want in 3 steps.

  • 1
    Step 1

    Get Your Email Alias

    Download Margin so your alias forwards to your normal inbox.

  • 2
    Step 2

    Set Email Filters

    Control which email types and brands are forwarded to your inbox.

  • 3
    Step 3

    Use Everywhere

    Give your email alias in-store or checking out online.

Everyone benefits with Margin.

Get only the emails you want.

Shopping can be fun... until your inbox starts filling up with hundreds of sales, promos, receipts, loyalty offers — you get the idea.

Brands work hard to thoughtfully message you, but sometimes it leads to email overload with many that aren't quite right for you.

Margin helps you take back control of your inbox, limiting the emails you receive from brands to only the ones you want, when you want them.

Volume is not always good.

Volume is not always a good thing.

43% of consumers now have a throwaway email address just for marketing1. Their exhaustion makes it harder than ever to win their trust and keep it.

Margin helps brands rebuild the relationship with consumers so they feel comfortable giving a path to their primary inboxes. With more relevant emails, your messages are delivered to an inbox with fewer emails distracting your consumers.

And that means a better bottom line.

1 Direct Marketing Association, 2017

Other Benefits

  • Use targeted ads inside emails from other brands to motivate action
  • Gain new customers via targeted ads to consumers at competitors
  • Insight into products bought at competitors to improve analytics
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A new ad form: in emails sent by others.

We created a new ad placement — on emails sent by others.

Advertisers can now inject beautifully-created, complementary ads into the email content sent by other senders. Whether you want to convince users to buy complementary products or target a new audience, do it easily now with email.

Segment your audience based on marketing emails or digital receipts sent from specific retailers, an entire retailer category, a form of payment like a credit card type or even the transaction total.

Other Benefits

  • Our email ads are persistent post-delivery for users to see over and over
  • Strong open and conversion rates as all emails meet users' filter preferences
  • Strong open and conversion rates as emails are explicitly requested by users
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